RIVER VIEW dining at its best

1916  Dam rebuilt. Coffer dams were constructed, a wheel house with two water wheels, wing dams below and flumes were added.
1930  Section of the plant was demolished and a new turbine was erected.
December 31, 1941  Coralville electric plant merged with Iowa Illinois Gas and Electric Company.
December 31, 1968  Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Company ceased operation at the Coralville plant.
December 18, 1969  Building and 1.84 acres of land sold to the City of Coralville and the dam sold to the Iowa Conservation Commission, each for $1.00.
May 25, 1971  City of Coralville sold building and land to local businessmen for $32,000.
November 2, 1976  Building and land sold to Gary Huysman, C. David Koenig and Allan Johnson.
October 22, 1977  Iowa River Power Company restaurant opened.
May 31, 1988  Gary Huysman and John Fisher purchased the building, land and business.
April, 1989  New addition added to east wing of main dining room.
March 7, 1996  John Fisher left. Gary Huysman became sole owner of land and business.
December 27, 2002    David and Danise Petsel purchase both restaurants.

The Iowa River Power Restaurant